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Macy’s Insite Access Employment Services At Employee Connection

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The Macy’s In-Site Employee Connection is a Macy’s network which is designed to help their employees with their requirements. Employees can get their employment related transactions processed within minutes. Skip the queue, now there is no need to visit HR office in person to access these services, you can access all the relevant data online at website.

Macy’s is one of the leading department stores in the United states. Macy’s designed employees in-site connection website which is a data base that is only accessible to its employees with valid ID.

Macy’s In-site Employee connection:

A network is designed to keep the employees information secure and private. Through this channel employees can check on their benefits, get news and information about the company, check their medical care, and make changes to their plans, they can read employee’s magazine online and easily change their social security and 401K plans with a simple login.

The Services at Employee Connection

Get easy to use services and employee benefits The benefits that you will find on the homepage of Company offers medical benefits to their employees including retirement plans, health benefits and many more. Employee must fill out the forms to avail the benefits and following the instructions given online for proper way to fill out and download the form.

Registering for an Account

Services require you to log in before you can get benefits and perks form these services. If you are a new user at the site, then you will be required to get registered. You need a valid employee identification number to start the registration.

Need account access: register with the site to log in and access the benefits and all the facilities. To do this you will need to;

  • Go to the website following the link at web address.
  • Click on the “My-In-site” logo to access the log on page.
  • You need to create your online account access.
  • Select “New User” link to begin the registration.
  • Enter your personal details like your SSN, 8 digit employee ID, birth date, zip code and mother’s maiden name in respective fields.
  • Now click on “Sign In”.
  • You will be assigned a temporary password. Access your account and create a new strong password to make your account secure.
  • If you already are registered with the site then all you have to do, go to website and sign on using your employee ID and password.

Macy’s In-Site My Schedule:

This network also provides the details regarding your schedule. To access this information you have to first go to website, log in to your account and click on the ‘My schedule’ tab given on the left hand menu.
get access to the web-site to get benefits and employment related information like paychecks, retirement plans.

This is a very secure source for the employees to get the information. Get all the important information regarding your account and benefit programs.