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Employee Connection is a network designed for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s to give you important information about all your benefit programs. Macy’s My In-Site is a source to access these links to connect to information regarding your retirement plan and other employee benefits. Read this for a more specific description of what you will find within each of these links

you need to access the link which is  in order to explore all benefits.

Once there you will see different links to connect to information regarding employee benefits and retirement plans.

Following are some benefits you can access:

Health Benefits:

Tobacco Cessation Program: The Tobacco Cessation program is designed to help you become and remain tobacco free developing a personal quit plan. This year Aetna and Cigna in conjunction with Care Allies will give assistance to help Macy’s employees live better and become tobacco free.

This program is available to all employees and their enrolled dependents who are 18 years of age and older.

To join this program you have two convenient options: you can join by phone or online.

once you are enrolled in your Macy’s sponsored medical plan! Call or go online to participate by following the simple steps mentioned below.

The Phone-Based Program Includes:

Individual will get the one-on-one telephone coaching. You will get an e-mail containing your certified wellness coach directly and free nicotine replacement treatment.

They offer convenient coaching hours, get help and valuable information through tool kit and workbook and 24/7 health line support.

Aetna participants: if you are a participant, please call 1.877.290.4539 to join by phone.

CIGNA participants: if you are a participant, call 1.800.558.8361 to join by phone.

The Online Program Includes:

They designed personal plan just for you with self-paced program customized to your specific needs. Employees will get educational e-mails with tips and key learning themes. You will get a secure, Safe and convenient support

  • Aetna participants visit  offical website and login to Aetna navigator.
  • if you are a participant, visit to apply online.
  • Enter in your user ID and password associated with this account.
  • Other plan participants: All other plan participants can call Care Allies 1.866.427.7848 to apply by phone.
  • To apply online visit “” to login with password Macys.

Health and Welfare Internet Links:

There are some links mentioned on the page to access the Health and Welfare benefits information.

  • Bank of America – FSA & HSA Login : get access to this link and use your user ID to access accounts or enroll if you don’t have your account ID yet.Bank of America is the administrator of health care flexible spending account, limited flexible spending account, and the health savings account and dependent care flexible spending account.
  • Express Scripts – Pharmacy Benefit Login : open this link to explore pharmacy benefits offered by express script. Log in securely for quick access to your account. Express Scripts is one of the nation’s largest independent pharmacy benefit managers. Participants enrolled in Choice Select, Choice Premier, Choice and HMSA medical options have access to top pharmacy chains and a mail-order program through a valid account.
  • ADP – COBRA Login : ADP is the COBRA administrator which does not including limited medical coverage. visit the website to access information about COBRA continuation coverage plans.


401(k) Retirement:

Through this site you will get access to the tools to view both your Profit Sharing 401(k) plan as well as your Cash Account Pension plan.

Through a valid access You will be able to move money between funds, change your deduction contributions, enroll in the plan and initiate a loan.

If you have any questions regarding your pension plans and 401(k), please call 1-800-234-MACY to contact the Merrill Lynch Participant Service Center.

Visit this link  to access the Retirement Information home site.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

EAP services are available to those enrolled in a Company-sponsored medical option excluding retirees.

You can access to the services including research and referral services, consultants and various online resources for free.